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06/05/11 07:49 AM #8    

Timothy Mosley

Hello Victor and Hello Class of 71,

Thank you for all your hard work, the website is great!  I'm not going to be able to make it, I went to northern Thailand ( in January on a mission trip with a group from my church.  I used 3 weeks of my vacation time and have very little time to make the trip to Florida, plus this time of year, A/C units give me a fit!  I will be there in spirit and can't wait to hear the news what our classmates have been doing since the last reunion I attended, that was our 10 year. Enjoy!

Thanks Victor,

Tim Mosley

06/09/11 06:02 PM #9    

Sally Misik (Prentice)

Hey everyone!

I can't wait to see everybody!!!!!  It still shocks me that it's been 40 years!!!!


06/17/11 09:31 PM #10    

Cy Harmon Jenkins

Hey everybody. From what Ted Turner tells me the reunion is shapen up. Thanks to Vic and all for putting it all together. See ya all. We do Judo on Tue. can't make it to the meetings.


Cy (CJ) Jenkins

06/27/11 09:14 AM #11    

Justin Ritchie

Wow that was Fun!  It was a lot of laughing and a great time.  Has it really been 40 years? May God Bless and keep each and every one!


Since I only took two pictures it will be great to see what ever you put up opn the site Vic!


Cobra Proud


Justin Ritchie

06/27/11 10:38 PM #12    

Susan Brooks

 That was such a fun night. I loved seeing so many of my old buddies from school and catching up! Also, that band was great, I'd love to get the name of the band since my sister and brother-in-law live in FP and might get to hear them.

Thanks to the committee for all it's hard work!


06/28/11 12:21 PM #13    

Connie Breach (Sharr)

I think a good time was had by all. I certainly enjoyed it. I can't think of a thing that went wrong! Many thanks to those involved with the planning. I don't think I saw Denise and David sit down all night. The music was great and the meal was also. I am proud of our class of '71. I will look forward to the next one in two years. Until then take care everyone!

07/05/11 01:32 PM #14    

Christine (Chris) Byrne (Peterson)

 What a great reunion. Thanks to all who had a part in planning. It was fabulous!

It was wonderful catching up with everyone. There were a few I missed talking to and can't wait for the 60th birthday party so I can catch up some more.

Thanks again for all the effort!


07/22/11 11:06 PM #15    

Rick Sugg

Victor..., thanks for sorting out the photos into one place.  Again, we all had a great time getting together after "SO MANY YEARS"; OCTOBER?  let's improtu at least "back to school" in September!  Photos show.., great time by all!

07/23/11 12:21 PM #16    

Edward Lewis


The reunion was a hoot!  The photos are a great encore.  I can't

wait to see what you'll come up with next.    Thanks to the whole

reunion committee for a superb job.

Ed Lewis

07/23/11 06:18 PM #17    

Joanne Hollingshead (Mitchell)

Hey Victor,  it was nice seeing all the photos - except of course mine - it looks like I was having a stroke or something!!  Just wanted to let you know I recovered!!!  I am really looking forward to another get together!  It was a lot of fun seeing everyone!   Thanks for all the hard work!!


07/23/11 11:46 PM #18    

Emily McBride

Hey Vic, The photos are great. You and the gang did a great job. I hope I'm there for the get together in Oct. (I'll be there the weekend of 22nd) Am also looking forward to 2013. I know I'm 600 miles from home but will be glad to do anything I can from here. Again great job!!!

07/24/11 11:27 PM #19    

Timothy Mosley

 Hey Victor, 

Great photos!  Looks as if I missed out on a great time.  It was really great seeing folks I haven't seen in 40 years, sorry I missed out.  Thanks to you and the reunion committee.

God Bless, 

Tim Mosley


08/26/11 10:19 PM #20    

Scott Newhouse (Williams)


Vic you have always been the come to and get done guy. Sorry Julie and I were not able to attend this one. Next time buddy.


09/26/11 08:36 AM #21    

Jim Stephenson

I can't make it to Archie's on Saturday October 1st, - it's a little drive from South Carolina - but hope you guys have a great time! Take some photos and keep us in the loop for future get-togethers!

04/04/12 09:59 PM #22    

John Painter

Does anyone have any information of the passing of Janet Foote and Debbie Webb? Thank you, John

05/27/12 11:30 AM #23    

Cecil Green


Janet Foote Johnson lost a courageous battle with cancer on April 9, 1998. 

08/06/12 09:27 PM #24    

Edward Lewis

John & Janet  Johnson are the true love story of our class!

10/27/12 01:14 PM #25    

Christine (Chris) Byrne (Peterson)

Sorry to miss another great gathering. I know you will have fun tonight at Cobbs Lannding. 


12/16/12 06:55 PM #26    

John Painter

Cecil, thanks for the info on Janet. I remenber the day she a John first started talking to each other in Mr Garrish class. She was a sweet young lady then and will surlly be missed by all that knew her.  Does anyone remember Donnie Gray and whatever happened to him?

09/05/13 08:24 PM #27    

Debra Borland


Debbie Webb passed away when we were 16. 

09/06/13 12:04 AM #28    

John Painter

Debra, Thank you for the info on Debbie. She must have past away right after the 11th grade I remenber talking to her on the last day of school and I moved back to Va to finish high school at GW of Danville. I always enjoyed talking to her and her sister Patty they were both sweet young ladies. John

12/09/13 01:54 PM #29    


Richard Parker

Mike Huber, graduate of the Class of 71 and his two daughters die in a plane crash

So very sorry to report (thanks for the heads up Rob Williams) that Mike Huber of the Class of 71 died in a private plane crash yesterday.  The crash took the live of his two daughters and himself as reported in the Palm Beach Post

Channel 47 TV Report


              Palm Beach Post

Michael Huber, 60, Tess Huber, 20, and Abigail Huber, 17, were on a Cessna 310 that took off from St. Lucie County International Airport in Fort Pierce. The plane was headed to Jacksonville Executive Airport, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.


The Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office was notified around 6:30 p.m. that the plane crashed in the backyard of 1746 Nettington Court Drive in Sutton Lakes. The plane crashed on the edge of a retention pond and, when located, was underwater. Three people were on the plane, sheriff’s spokeswoman Melissa Bujeda said at a news conference Sunday night. It’s not yet known when the plane took off from Port St. Lucie.

Tess Huber, a graduate of Lincoln Park High School, was a sophomore at the University of North Florida where she was a member of the golf team.

“She was passionate about her golf, very studious. But she always had a smile on her face. She was always looking out for her teammates,” said Brian Morgan, UNF’s athletic director. “She was a big important member of this squad, of this family.”

Morgan said the Hubers regularly flew back and forth between Port St. Lucie and Jacksonville when Tess Huber wanted to come home for a weekend. This time, Tess Huber was returning to school for exams and a fundraiser for the golf team scheduled for today. The fundraiser has since turned into a memorial, Morgan said.

Michael Huber, a golf coach at Lincoln Park High, was a dentist and certified private pilot. A woman who answered the phone at Huber’s Fort Pierce dentistry office declined to comment.

The sheriff’s office dive team found two of the victims soon after the crash. The third wasn’t found until later that night.

Someone on the plane called the tower saying they couldn’t see the runway. The pilot was told to fly around. The plane started registering a low altitude and then crashed. At the time, there was a 3-mile visibility.

A person living in the Nettington Court Drive home saw the plane coming in and feared it was going to hit his house, Bujeda said.

There was no damage to any nearby homes.

The National Transportation Safety Board and the FAA are investigating the crash. The cause of death for the three on board will be released by the sheriff’s office.

02/11/14 10:29 AM #30    


Susan Allan (Koblegard)

Does anyone know what happened to Justin Ritchie. Another close one again.  Cherish you life and love those around you and reach out to those you haven't talked to in a while. Susan


02/13/14 08:26 AM #31    

Kathy Parker (Green)

Justin died of pancreatic cancer.  I know he was also battling heart issues.  So sad.


09/16/14 08:28 PM #32    

Joe Anton Mittauer

Does anyone know what happened to Chris Wilkening or where he moved to?

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