WDMH Radio Show Survey

We need your input on the WDMH Radio Show.  Let us know what you think and what you would recommend to improve the show.  We strongly encourage you to post your thoughts on our Coconut Telegraph - Forum.

You may also email me directly at Richard@ESAnow.com or call me at 321-223-9043

Keepin' the Spirit Alive

Richard Parker

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1)   Would you like to see more WDMH Radio Show?

Yes No
2)   If yes, how often?

  Every other month
3)   Would you like to see the Classmate Spotlights done in a recorded audio interview format verses a written article?

Yes No
4)   How long do you think the shows should be?

  Less than 15 minutes
  15 - 30 minutes
  Over 30 minutes
5)   Any suggestions of how to make the WDMH Radio shows better?